Use Google My Business to Drive Traffic to Your Website


If you have a local business, and you’re trying to gain website visitors or more foot traffic, then one of the most important tools you can take advantage of is Google My Business. Google My Business allows businesses to claim a free business listing so consumers can find you on Google search or Google Maps. Nowadays, when many people require a certain type of business or are looking for a specific type of product in their area, they’ll type what they’re looking for into a search bar and select from the results that pop up from businesses in their area. Moreover, many people use Google Maps on a daily basis when they’re driving, navigating transportation systems or even walking along unfamiliar streets. If you want your business to be found, it’s crucial that you claim your business on Google My Business.


How Do You Get Registered on Google My Business?

In order for you to take advantage of the visibility that Google My Business offers, you’ll need to claim your business. Getting your listing up is relatively simple. Simply set up a Google My Business account, input your business’s relevant information (you can even add images and videos to your business page). Make sure to add a category that is relevant to your business and has valuable SEO benefits. For example, if you have an internet marketing company, you have the choice of selecting “Internet Marketing Services” or “Marketing Agency”. Do some keyword research and then verify the PIN that Google sends you to validate your address. Google wants to make sure that your listing is legitimate, so they’ll either send you a PIN via mail or phone, depending upon which one you choose. For example, if you choose by mail, Google will send you a postcard essentially with a PIN code. You will need to revisit your listing page and enter in the PIN to activate your business listing.

Once you list your business’s name, address, telephone number, website and other contact information on Google My Business, then it’ll be able to pop up in Google Maps and local search. Google Maps pulls its information from the businesses that are listed in Google My Business. Also, be sure to get some customer reviews to your page. If you have a solid 4-5 reviews, then Google will display star-ratings for your business within the search results, and this will help you stand out from your competitors.


What is Google My Business?

Google My Business focuses on providing users with search results that match the local area they’re searching from. If you’ve ever input a search term into Google and had a dialog box pop up on your screen asking if it’s okay for Google to know your location, that is so that Google can do what it’s supposed to do and give the appropriate information to Google Maps and search. When users let Google know the locations that they’re searching from, then they’ll be presented with search results of businesses near them. If a potential customer is looking for the type of service or product you offer, and your business pops up as nearby, then you could potentially make a sale. In fact, Google reports that every one out of five of its searches pertain to location, so if you’re a business that’s looking to target customers in a certain location, then you should definitely be taking advantage of Google’s location services.


Benefits of Google My Business

Because Google My Business focuses on local searches, your business will more likely rank higher in the search results than it would otherwise, at least within your area. This means that more visitors will be able to find your website, so you’ll get more traffic to it. This, in turn, can boost your overall ranking with Google from a global ranking standpoint, which could result in you getting more organic traffic to your website. If you offer services or products at locations in multiple cities, then you can truly maximize Google My Business for local search in each city.

Google My Business can also benefit those who don’t have a website. If you’re a small business and can’t afford the cost of maintaining a website, then your business’s listing on Google could get you more business simply by letting online searchers know what your business offers and where it’s located. It’s cost effective since it’s an entirely free service. Think of it as the new Yellow Pages, and always make sure you’re listed in it.


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