What is Agile Marketing?

The marketing world is ever-evolving and as new technologies come into play, businesses are required to adapt faster than ever to understand consumer needs and to meet the demands of their [...]

The Modern CMO’s Role

Chief marketing officers used to be one of the most important players in major corporations. Traditionally, they’re responsible for creating and maintaining brand awareness, analyzing [...]

18 Top Digital Marketing Strategies & Trends in 2020 (Updated March 2020)

Year after year, digital marketing evolves and the channels/platforms seem to grow. With the vast amount of digital marketing solutions available to businesses in 2020, it can be difficult to [...]

Holiday Marketing Guide for Brands & Online Retailers

The holiday season is the most important time of the year for many retailers. It’s a time when sales are generally at their highest and an opportunity for retailers to build loyal customer [...]

Why Facebook Conversions Don’t Match Google Analytics

Earlier in 2018, at Facebook’s F8 conference, the social network announced upgrades to its Facebook Analytics platform, bringing in similar metrics likened to Google Analytics. Facebook Analytics [...]


GDPR Law – Renovating The Data Privacy Standards of Business

After the implementation of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, a noticeable transformation changed data privacy specifications in every business house around the [...]

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