Are Virtual Branded Experiences Here to Stay?

There’s been a dramatic shift in the way consumers shop and interact with brands online recently. Browsing malls and shops in person or clicking “add to cart” impulsively on [...]


Gen Z: The Digitally Native Generation & Their Shopping Habits

Generation Z, or those born from the mid-90s to the early 2010s, make up a huge portion of today’s consumers—especially those born in the 90s. As a retailer, it’s important for you to [...]


How to Create an Affiliate Program for Your Online Business

In 2022, estimated spend on affiliate marketing will reach $8.2 billion, its highest jump since 2015, according to Statista. Driving this significant increase in spend is the popularity of [...]


What is Agile Marketing?

The marketing world is ever-evolving and as new technologies come into play, businesses are required to adapt faster than ever to understand consumer needs and to meet the demands of their [...]

The Modern CMO’s Role

Chief marketing officers used to be one of the most important players in major corporations. Traditionally, they’re responsible for creating and maintaining brand awareness, analyzing [...]

18 Top Digital Marketing Strategies & Trends in 2020 (Updated March 2020)

Year after year, digital marketing evolves and the channels/platforms seem to grow. With the vast amount of digital marketing solutions available to businesses in 2020, it can be difficult to [...]

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