Google Prioritizing Mobile Index over Desktop

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The most popular online search engine announced major change last month: Google is foregoing a single-index document-based system for a dual search index that distinguishes results between desktop and mobile devices. The change will  heavily favor the new mobile index by notably improving the user experience for mobile users in various ways. Phone users will experience fresher results from sites tailored to mobile engagement, while desktop users will receive dissimilar top search results better suited for the PC platform.

Google’s expert webmaster trends analyst, Gary Illyes, confirmed the game-changing news in October’s press release and follow-up interviews. Illyes added that the new mobile index would be the company’s “primary” index for search engine queries and will be more current than its desktop counterpart. This comes as little surprise for many; while the desktop index continually generates invaluable usage, the device is currently in the minority of Google queries. Furthermore, smart phones with online capabilities are ever increasing, as well as the mobile search engine engagement. Though no timeline was given during the announcement, Illyes later implied the index will be implemented on devices within months.


Search Results Will Differ

Though direct impact on usage is unclear, a one key consideration is certain: desktop and mobile users will receive different search results. Google will prioritize the mobile index by updating it more frequently, utilizing more resources, and providing more expedient answers. Google knows mobile users are more apt to seek immediate answers on their devices while desktop users are more likely to research topics to a fuller extent, sifting through several pages of results.


How Does This Affect Brands?

How do the index priority changes in Google Search affect brands and businesses banking on search engine optimization (SEO) and other common online marketing tactics? Google’s new mobile search prioritization necessitates businesses to create mobile-friendly content to continue thriving within the online market. The most successful businesses will employ various marketing campaigns focused on reaching Google’s vast mobile users while reformatting outdated desktop sites to fit more accessible mobile metrics. To capitalize on the changes, businesses will also need to gather more insights and pursue engagements through the separate indexes differently.

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