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Push notifications are an important part of mobile marketing. For an engaged consumer experience, push messaging allows brands to reach potential customers at the right time.

What are Push Notifications?

Push notification refers to the message that is received on any mobile device. These messages are sent by app developers and can be sent at any point of time. These notifications look like normal SMS text messages but they reach only those users who have installed your app.

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How to Get Started?

In order to send push notifications to an iOS, as an example, the app must be configured properly and registered with the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS). The APNS is a highly secured and robust service that app developers can use to propagate information to iOS (and, indirectly, watchOS), tvOS, and macOS devices.


Things To Avoid While Sending Push Notifications

Push notifications, if done poorly, can result in a spammy user experience. Nowadays, people receive so many messages and notifications at the same time so if you send the notification at the wrong time then there are chances you will lose your customer.

Here are some things to avoid while sending push notifications so that you get it right:

–  Do not replicate email marketing messages in your push notification messages. Most brands make the mistake of using the same message for both email and push notifications. It is a good idea to send location based offers and time sensitive offers.

–  Use rich media notifications in place of dull text based messages. People are keener to see messages that are attractive.

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–  Do not send too many messages at the same time. The frequency with which you are sending messages is extremely important.

–  Do not push the product, instead push the value that your product offers. This will enable your message to receive the maximum response and will also increase the chances of user actions.

–  Complement push messaging with In-app messaging.

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Know What Your Audience Wants And When They Want it

Sending push notifications is an easy task. Simply configure the message and push it through your customer’s mobile device. But, did you ever give it a second thought to what your customer wants? Marketers often send messages they want to tell the customers and ignore customer wishes. Do not send messages that you want to send, instead send messages that your users want to read. You need to find out what your users really want. This is where a good marketing strategy differs from a bad one.

Another critical element is to identify the timing of the message. Identify the time when your message is likely to receive the best response and ensure that your message is reaching the customers at optimum times.


Top Tips For a Good Push Notifications

Here are some top tips for a good push notification:

–  To make push notifications stand out, use elements like product image, name, discounted price and CTAs.

–  Send a short message and play a notification sound to alert the customer about your message.

–  Always send personalized messages to your prospects as people are more likely to respond to notifications that are personalized for them.

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–  Create niche segments and set frequency caps to have an ideal flow of messages. Sending 3-4 messages a week is recommended depending on the type of products that you are selling. Also, identify users who remain engaged often and you can send more messages to them. On the other hand, send less messages to users who do not engage often. This will reduce the chances of app uninstallation.

–  Get that “curiosity push” in your message at the right time. The below message was sent to the users right before bed time.

Mobile Marketing with Push Notifications

–  Always test your messages before sending them. You can easily identify elements that have room for improvement via A/B testing. This will help you to properly optimize your site prior to sending visitors.

–  Allow the customer to take actions without opening the app. This will enhance the overall user experience and you can reap the benefits of a timely user action. For example, you can allow the customer to reply to a message in the notification itself.

–  Segment push notifications by behavior and user profile as this will return a higher engagement.

–  Always define your KPIs before starting any campaign.

Mobile marketing is successful when you integrate push messaging into your customer engagement strategy. Always think big and strategize how you can deliver maximum value to your customers during their micro moments.

Always remember that users are already bombarded with push notifications all the time so adopt a strategy that does not irritate the customers. Break the noise and deliver thoughtful and creative messages to get the maximum ROI.


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