How Marketers Can Use First-Party Intent Data to Drive Revenue

Just as technology has changed the way customers shop, the way businesses market their goods and services to the masses has changed drastically, as well. With the use of first-party and [...]

Holiday Marketing Guide for Brands & Online Retailers

The holiday season is the most important time of the year for many retailers. It’s a time when sales are generally at their highest and an opportunity for retailers to build loyal customer [...]

Improve User Experience By Having a Multilingual and Multi-Currency Website

Your ecommerce sales should not stop at the border. If you want to make your business a global brand then you need to have a multilingual and multi-currency website to better serve your customers [...]


4 Surefire Ways to Convert Blog Traffic into Leads

As a business owner, what do you want from your blog? A direct answer would be leads and conversions! Nowadays, most businesses have understood the importance of having a blog. A well-maintained [...]


Creating a Sales Funnel for Different Buyer Personas

An effective sales funnel is essential for your business to attract more prospects and close deals with them. A sales funnel is a marketing system that guides a potential customer/lead through a [...]


7 Customer Acquisition Strategies that Lead to More Customers

The key to successful customer acquisition in today’s competitive marketplace is to find the tactics, tools and strategies that work best for your customer persona(s). Here we are sharing seven [...]

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