Is One-Click Checkout Right for Your Business?

Convenience is everything in today’s world and e-commerce is no different. Providing your customers with simple options that make the checkout process easier is a great way to encourage [...]

Instagram Likes Removal – What It Means for Brands & Influencers


The Definitive Guide to Improve Facebook Relevance Score

With a growing userbase of more than 2 billion, Facebook has increasingly become a popular platform for advertisers. Advertisers must be aware of the various metrics Facebook uses in order to [...]


The Art of Leveraging Micro Influencers For Social Media Customer Acquisition

Micro influencer marketing is on the rise. With exceptional & high conversion figures, that’s hardly a surprise. It’s time for brands to start paying attention to micro influencers. Let’s [...]


How to Create a Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook now boasts about 1.2 billion active daily users. There’s no doubt it’s an active community comprised of such a varied population that brands are giddy at the opportunity to reach its [...]


Social Media 101: Marketing Tips

Social media marketing covers a vast field that remains an enigma for many.  As the digital world continues to grow and evolve, so do social media platforms. Using them effectively to generate [...]

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