Is One-Click Checkout Right for Your Business?

Convenience is everything in today’s world and e-commerce is no different. Providing your customers with simple options that make the checkout process easier is a great way to encourage [...]


How Digital Technology Will Encourage Consumers Back In-Store

A lot has changed since early 2020. COVID-19 has altered the way we do just about everything. This past year, we’ve embraced (and at times wished we could reject) working from home, [...]

What is Mobile App Deep Linking?

Mobile app deep linking is often overlooked by mobile marketers and is undoubtedly an important part in driving conversions and enhancing the user experience. Deep links can help to heighten the [...]


GDPR Law – Renovating The Data Privacy Standards of Business

After the implementation of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, a noticeable transformation changed data privacy specifications in every business house around the [...]


Micro Moments are the Future of Marketing – Are You Ready For It?

Optimizing for micro moments is undoubtedly the future of marketing. In the words of Google, “We’re heading toward an age of assistance where, for marketers, friction will mean failure, and [...]


Infographic: Connecting the Customer Journey

90% of consumers expect consistent experiences across all devices. 93% of buying decisions are influenced by social media. Find more on connecting the customer journey with the infographic below. [...]

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