Web Personalization: Get to Know Who Your Customers Really Are

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Consumer expectation has soared with the age of technology, and retailers are no longer in the driver seat. Mobile, data, and social trends coupled with informed consumers allows shoppers to be more selective. For eCommerce businesses to succeed, they must foster a unique and personalized online marketing presence that caters to individual users. Web personalization is the solution of today. This effective marketing tactic provides internet retailers with the ability to pinpoint a target demographic without compromising conversion, engagement, or lead generation.


What Is Web Personalization?

Web personalization is a tactful tool used by successful businesses to create a tailored, dynamic, and highly relevant online experience for shoppers. The largest form of personalization that most businesses are actively doing today is email marketing; however, web personalization has gone far beyond just email marketing. Your website can learn and adapt to what each individual shopper wants. Curated messages and site aesthetic can change to fit the interests of each visitor to your website. By knowing a customer’s behavior, location, demographic, and other attributes, you can create customer profiles or personas that help you in predicting customer intent. Essentially, web personalization requires businesses to understand their customers’ interests and deliver a tailored one-on-one experience. While many businesses focus on broad concept and content creation, web personalization means targeting specific individuals and marketing to them directly. This technique ultimately provides customers with a brand that is designedly relevant to them.


Why It Matters

While fewer than 20% of online businesses maximize user experience via web personalization, those that do see unparalleled and improved results. Unlike too many websites whose sole purpose is to inform and reach ideal clients, web personalization utilizes your site in the most effective way possible to actualize measurable impact. Once the analytics that matter are measured, businesses will have a better understanding of what marketing tactics work best.

Web personalization simply creates a more meaningful experience for consumers. Customer needs and bias differ between individuals; the consumer database alone is comprised of dissimilar engagements, experiences, and investments with a particular brand. With web personalization, marketers effectively eliminate that bias while creating tailored content, manipulating the individual’s experience to transform site visitors into loyal customers. This results in overall better business.


Personalize with Upward

The personalized customer experience is essential in today’s vast online marketplace. With the right tools and guidance, businesses of any size can capitalize on the simple web personalization process. Upward Commerce is fiercely dedicated to providing businesses with the expertise needed to flourish within the confines of web personalization. Our company offers the ability to drastically increase website and cross-channel efficiency without compromising a business’s integrity.

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